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The strength of NACRAO is in its membership.  Without the volunteer efforts of “NACRAO-nians,” the organization would not be a viable resource for the professionals across our state.  The most basic way to get involved in NACRAO is to serve on a committee. To sign up for a committee please click HERE

With over a dozen options, there are plenty of choices to lend your expertise in an area, or even better, become active in an area where you are not familiar to increase your professional development.

The Annual Conference is the best place to sign up to volunteer your services.  Be sure to attend the Annual Conference to get involved in this great organization.

Follow the links below to learn about what each committee does and who is currently serving as chair.

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Transfer and Adult Learners

What do we do?

This committee coordinates the college fair schedule for Nebraska Community Colleges. They review the EPP schedule to ensure that representatives can cover events to recruit high school seniors as well as transfer students wishing to move from a two-year to a four-year school.

Click here sign up for this committee: Committee Sign Up

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