• Committed to educating Nebraska’s residents about the opportunities, benefits, processes and procedures associated with higher learning.


  • The Nebraska Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers was founded in 1927. We are a mission driven, non-profit educational and professional association dedicated to promoting the advancement of higher education.


  • NACRAO members are affiliated with over 90 public, private, two-year and four-year institutions and organizations associated with higher learning and advanced training in and around the state of Nebraska.


  • The purpose of this non-profit association shall be to promote the advancement of higher education in its fullest and broadest implication.


  • NACRAO shall aim specifically to advance professionally the office or offices of admissions, registration, records, institutional research, and closely related functions in institutions of higher education in Nebraska.  Any educational activity directed toward the attainment of this aim is within the purpose of this Association.


  • Among the activities within the established authority and jurisdiction of the Association for the fulfillment of this purpose and aim are:
    • holding meetings;
    • publishing reports;
    • conducting cooperative investigations, studies, and surveys, either on the initiative of the Association or in conjunction with other organizations;
    • disseminating information on matters of common interest to its members.