Benefits of NACRAO membership:

Membership has many benefits. Becoming a part of this organization gives the opportunity to do the following:

  • Ability to attend college and transfer fairs
  • Access useful information from the NACRAO website
  • Access to regional institutions, educational organizations, and professional affiliates
  • Access to Nebraska admissions and registration personnel
  • Connect with over 90 college institutions and higher learning organizations across Nebraska and the Midwest.
  • Expand your network of individual partnerships in Higher Ed by gaining access to all NACRAO members’ contact information in an annually updated directory
  • Be a part of the ListServ allowing you to collaborate with others and exchange ideas and concerns in higher education and to learn about job postings, college fairs, educational planning programs, professional development days
  • Options to participate in committees, attend workshops, and annual conferences
  • Voting and Non-Voting membership options

Additionally, NACRAO sets members up to develop worthwhile relationships with people who do what you do at other schools in Nebraska and throughout the region. Serving on the Board of Directors, or volunteering to chair or assist on a committee looks great on a resume, helps promote your school, and truly expand your professional network. NACRAO provides the chance to connect with others when you have questions or need ideas on how to approach a challenge or incorporate a useful new concept, process, or procedure.